National Siblings Day Celebration

Dear fellow SLN members,

Below you will find an announcement for a National Siblings Day celebration,
sponsored by The Sibling Support Project's Guild. Please share this
announcement with sibs, parents, and service providers who may be
interested. If you belong to other disability-related listservs please
considering posting this announcement there. Of course, we hope you will

As always,



National Siblings Day Celebration

April 10th is National Siblings Day. No, Hallmark has not proclaimed the
day, but one day they might. The sibling relationship is deeply significant
and is the longest-lasting bond we will likely ever have.

Sibling relationships can be uniquely "special" when one sibling has a
disability or chronic health condition. To honor the sibling
relationship-as well as the many contributions made by typically-developing
brothers and sisters-the Sibling Support Project is creating special
webpages to be published near National Sibling Day.

We'd love you to contribute to these webpages by sending us a picture of you
and your sibling who has a disability (and your other sibs, should you
wish). Along with this picture, please send us a paragraph or two about
your relationship with your brother or sister. Your description can be
anything you'd like it to be. If your relationship is not always
sunshine-and-roses you are under no obligation to make it sound that way.
It's up to you!

Here are the details:

* Please try to send your written contribution and photo in the same
email. The photo will be an attachment to your email.
* Only digital pictures can be accepted and they must be in a .jpg or
.gif format. High resolution photos are best. Please include your first
name and last name in the name you give to your digital file (e.g.,
* In your email, please provide a caption for your photo that helps
the viewer understand who (and maybe what) she is looking at–e.g. Bob,
Alice, and Therese at the Minnesota State Fair, 2002.
* Please read and re-read your paragraph-or-two to make sure it says
what you want it to say. If you are unsure, ask a friend for feedback.
Grammar and spell checks are great tools to use!

Following your written statement, please include the following information.
(But don't worry! We will not share this information on the website!)

* Your first and last name
* Your age, if you are under 18. We'll need to seek your parent's
permission to include your photo and writing on the website;
* Contact information (address, phone, email address).

Please send your contribution to or In sending the photo and written statement,
you are giving the Sibling Support Project permission to use your
contribution on the website.

Thank you, in advance, for considering this! We think this is a great
opportunity to call attention to the sibling relationship and look forward
to YOUR involvement!


Don and the members of the Sibling Support Project's Guild

PS-Please forward this announcement to brothers, sisters, parents, service
providers who may be interested!

Don Meyer
Director, Sibling Support Project
A Kindering Center program
6512 23rd Ave NW, #213
Seattle, WA 98117
206-297-6368; fax 509-752-6789
Sibling Support Project website: <>
Sibling Support Project online training calendar:

Our brothers, Our sisters, Ourselves

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