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Hi John and others-

I apologize for arriving late today's conference call. John, I visited the
blog you started and even posted a note. As SLN members may not have access
to the blog, I want to post this note to the list as well.

I did have a comment about the Core Values that we discussed and John shared
with SNL members. I agree with all of the Core Values, but I think these
values describe an advocacy group. SLN is indeed an advocacy group, but it
is also a self-advocacy group. We need to "watch the back" of the 4.5
million sibs of all ages in the US alone. People who have disabilities have
many organizations advocating for them, but typically-developing sibs have
next to none. I think we need a Core Value similar to this:

*We are committed to the well-being of our brothers and sisters with
disabilities. However, our own lives and the welfare of our own families
are equally important and this must be remembered by policymakers, service
providers, individuals with disabilities, and other family members.

Just last Friday I moderated a sibling panel in Texas. On the panel was a
high school senior who has a brother with a disability. She explained to
the audience about her family's plans for her college years. She'd go away
to college, get an apartment, and her brother would come live with her.
This way, she said, she could prepare for the day when her brother came to
live with her. She smiled as she bravely explained this scenario, but was
crying at the same time. You could tell she didn't really like this idea,
but felt she had no other choice.

Don Meyer
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Our brothers, Our sisters, Ourselves

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