ANNOUNCEMENT: November 9-10, 2007- Sibling Leadership Network Pre-conference, Washington, D.C.

Apologies for the repost, please consult the brochure for revised
information on where to send registration.


The Sibling Network Presents:
November 9th and 10th, 2007
Sibling Leadership Network Pre-conference

We are excited to announce the first ever Sibling Leadership Network
pre-conference in Washington D.C! This event represents a broad
collaboration of many groups and is co-sponsored by the Rehabilitation
Research and Training Center on Aging with Developmental Disabilities
and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental

As many of you well know, in the United States alone, there are
millions of siblings of people with disabilities. Despite the
ever-changing roles they will assume in the lives of their siblings
with special needs as they and their families age, there is relatively
little research on siblings and their concerns. The Sibling Leadership
Network is also interested in research that investigates resilience,
support opportunities, and life choices across the lifespan. Finally,
relatively little is known about the reciprocal contributions of
self-advocates to their sibling relationships, thus the Sibling
Leadership Network is interested in research that investigates the
perspectives of all brothers and sisters.

This meeting will be a conversation among siblings, researchers,
service providers, and policymakers. The goal of this meeting is to
translate the results of this conversation into a plan of action.
During this time, we’ll ratify the Sibling Leadership Network’s
mission and values, discuss siblings’ concerns with researchers and
policymakers, and learn what current research reveals about brothers
and sisters. Finally, we’ll develop an action plan and a white paper
on sibling issues, policy recommendations, and a research agenda.

For the agenda for this 2 day event, please see-


Registration will be $75 until 10/19/07 and $90 after that.
Make checks payable to RRTCADD
Send payment and registration to:
John Kramer
Institute on Disability and Human Development
1640 West Roosevelt Road (M/C 626)
Room 538
Chicago, IL 60608-6904

To access, download, and print out the brochure with registration
form, go here:
for .pdf
or .doc

Reserve your hotel soon!

Hotel Information:

Ask for the AUCD conference rate by 10/19/07

DATES: November 9th and 10th

$215/night for November 8th and 9th
Reserve under AUCD group rate (will be available soon)

Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel
999 Ninth Street NW
Washington, District Of Columbia 20001 USA
Phone: 1-202-898-9000
Fax: 1-202-289-0947

For updates see:

Members of the Sibling Leadership Network drafted their Mission,
Purpose, and Core Values last Fall/Winter. This represents the
efforts of siblings from a series of meetings last Fall at the Arc’s
national meeting in San Diego, Ohio Special Initiatives for Brothers
and Sisters (SIBS), the AUCD conference last Fall in Washington D.C,
and a series of phone conferences hosted by the Department of
Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at
Chicago. The Sibling Leadership Network was inspired by various
sibling organizations that have been hosting events around the U.S.
for many years including Ohio Special Initiatives for Brothers and
Sisters, The Fox Valley Sibling Support Network (Wisconsin), The
Sibling Support Project (International), and Supporting Illinois
Brothers and Sisters (SIBS) just to name a few.

To access, download and print the Sibling Leadership Network Mission,
Purpose, and Core Values, please consult:

Whether you are a sibling, a service provider, a researcher, or a
policymaker, we hope you’ll join us for this exciting, historical

For more information about registering, please feel free to contact
John Kramer at or by phone at (312)996-7988.

The Sibling Leadership Network

John Kramer, M.A.
Ph.D. in Disability Studies Candidate
Supporting Siblings in Future Planning Project
Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Aging with
Developmental Disabilities
University of Illinois at Chicago
1640 W. Roosevelt Rd.
Chicago, IL 60608
O- (312)996-7988

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