SLN Policy Advocacy Update

Greetings SLN Policy Advocacy committee!

We have been hard at work developing the SLN policy advocacy white paper in preparation for the Fall’s SLN conference in Columbus, OH. The group has an advanced draft done that we are sharing with you now. The PA committee has worked hard on this white paper to ensure that it is consistent in form and structure with the research and support white papers. If you are wondering how we arrived at the current format, the SLN advisory committee decided to pattern the white papers after the research white paper because they felt it was the clearest and most succinct. The goal of the SLN will be to combine these white papers into a document that can be disseminated to key policymakers, researchers, and advocates.

We would like your feedback on this draft as it nears completion.


Keeping in mind that the format is consistent with the other white papers, we are looking for the following specific feedback:

  1. Are missing anything important? If so, what are we missing?
  2. Do you agree with the language? What suggestions do you have for making it clearer/cleaner?
  3. Any other suggestions?

We would like to get your feedback by August 13th- in two weeks! Please send questions and/or suggestions to Shea at by August 13th.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!

-the Policy Advocacy team

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