The Riot! Presents: Healthy Relationships Teleconference Series

I'm forwarding this because this seems to be a topic that many siblings are
interested in concerning their siblings with disabilities.


Please join us in a National Conversation on Healthy Relationships!

Sign up now to participate in 3 teleconferences featuring real talk between
self-advocates, family members and healthcare providers about intimate
relationships, personal safety and advice from peers. We'll be tackling the
tough questions that are on a lot of people's minds but many are afraid to
talk about.

Let's break down those barriers and open the lines of communication!

There are 3 teleconferences, each lasting 90 minutes. Each teleconference
will start at 3pm EASTERN TIME, and will be facilitated by Julie Petty, a
nationally respected self-advocate. During each call, our speakers will
have time to talk with one another and then will answer questions from you
and others across the nation.

. September 1st – Do individuals with developmental disabilities have the
right to someone special in their life, such as an intimate relationship?

. October 5th – What are the dynamics of a healthy, intimate relationship?
Issues of sexuality, personal safety and safe sex/birth control will be

. November 2nd – Self-advocates give their peers advice, "Dear Abby" style.

The registration fee for each teleconference is $25. If you register for
all three the cost is $60. You can listen on your own or bring people
together around a speaker phone. This is a GREAT WAY for self-advocates to
hear about what is going on and to join with others nationally. Parents and
staff are invited too!

Don't miss out. REGISTER NOW! Go here for more information: and follow the links on the Home page.

Or, you can download our agenda and registration form directly from this

<a href="

Warm regards,
The Riot! Staff

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