SLN-Related: Message regarding our special time with Senator Kennedy

Good evening everyone-

I'm forwarding this note at the request of Tamar Heller. For those of
you who may not be aware, she and several siblings from the SLN met
with Senator Kennedy at our first conference in 2007 and had a chance
to talk to him about the importance of siblings to people with

It is indeed a sad day with this country losing such a strong advocate
for people with disabilities as Senator Kennedy. I treasure the time
that I and a small group of us had the opportunity to meet with him in
his office to discuss the needs and concerns of siblings of people
with intellectual disabilities. As a brother of a sister with
intellectual disabilities he expressed a passionate interest in the
topic, emphasizing his commitment to addressing this issue and his
interest in our nascent Sibling Leadership Network, which was having
its first national meeting that week in DC. With his charm and
glistening blue eyes, he graciously gave us his attention and beckoned
his photographer to snap some pictures of us with him. I think we will
all remember the excitement we felt at that meeting and mourn the loss
of this great statesman.


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