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Dear Sibling Leadership Network,


As you may already know, the Sibling Leadership Network (SLN) is growing and developing as an organization. We continue to be committed to our mission of providing siblings of individuals with disabilities the information, support, and tools to advocate with their brothers and sisters and to promote the issues important to them and their entire families. We want to inform you about some developments in the network. We’re very excited about what is going on and we hope you will be too!


While our “public face” has seemed somewhat quiet this year, we have had a year of extensive “behind the scenes” activity as we lay the groundwork for the organizational structure of the SLN.  We are working to strengthen the voice of siblings in the realm of policy and advocacy through the endorsement of key legislation and policy statements that benefit siblings and their families. We will also be rolling out a new website in the coming months.


This year, instead of a full SLN conference as we have had the past two years, we are holding an SLN Leadership Meeting to focus on finalizing and implementing the organizational structure. There has been an active workgroup that has met monthly since February to develop the structure of the national organization.  We have received input from a number of sibling organizations in the United States who are keenly interested in setting up the SLN in such a way that it supports state and local sibling groups and encourages the creation of more statewide sibling organizations in the future. The SLN Leadership Meeting will bring together the Steering Committee, key statewide sibling organization representatives, and other interested people to discuss and finalize the organizational structure and to agree on a vision for the future.


Anyone interested in helping to solidify the organizational structure of SLN is welcome to participate in the leadership meeting on Nov. 8th & 9th in Washington DC.  We plan to have a conference phone line available for key parts of the meeting for people who are not able to make the trip to DC.   The meeting will take place at the beginning of the AUCD (Association of University Centers on Disabilities) conference. You are welcome to participate in this meeting as a state sibling organization representative or someone interested in being actively involved in the “nuts and bolts” of the organization.  Please keep in mind that space is limited since this is not a full conference.  Opportunities for input will be provided in the weeks prior to the conference and summaries of the meeting will be shared with the network.


Here is the draft agenda for the leadership meeting:

Sunday, Nov. 8th:

            10:00—Welcome and introductions

            10:30—History of organization

            10:45—Proposed SLN org. structure—leadership, decision-making, etc.


            1:30–Discussion of organizational structure and finalize

2:30—Identify next steps for implementing organizational structure—leadership roles, elections, etc.

            3:30– Making ourselves visible: Conference 2010, Website, logo        


SLN Cocktail Reception—8:30-9:30pm (This is informal networking to enhance the awareness of the SLN)

AUCD events that some SLN members want to attend:

                                    4:45-6—Legislative Affairs Briefing

                                    6-7:30—Council on Community Advocacy (COCA) meeting


Monday, Nov. 9th:

10:15-11:30—Presentation by John Kramer and Ann Kaiser

            11:30–Vision for the Future


            1:00—Prioritize future vision

            3:00—Concrete next steps to get to where we want to be


            7-9—Poster Reception with AUCD


To participate in the SLN Leadership Meeting, email Katie Keiling Arnold by October 15th at and let her know a) If you will attend in person or via phone; and b) If you represent a state sibling organization. 


There is no fee to attend the SLN Leadership Meeting. However, participants are responsible for their own costs.  All costs associated with travel, room, and board will have to be arranged by each individual. Though the SLN cannot provide funding for this meeting, attendees are encouraged to contact their DD councils or agencies for funding opportunities. The meeting will take place at the AUCD conference hotel:


The Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel

999 9th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20001

Phone: 202-898-9000 (general information only: not a reservation number)

Call 1-800-266-9432 to speak with a reservation assistant. Be sure to reference the AUCD Annual Meeting 2009 when calling to get the conference rate of $225.


Link to Transportation information for regional airports, the Washington DC Metro (subway), airport shuttles, and local taxi contacts:



Katie Keiling Arnold and John Kramer, SLN Co-chairs

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