January and February Sibling Workshops and Training on the Sibshop model!

Dear adult sibs, parents, future and current Sibshop facilitators, and others who share our dedication to the concerns and well being of brothers and sisters,

Below you will find information about four Sibshop trainings from now until the end of February in Fresno, California; Norwalk, Connecticut; Orlando, Florida; and Indianapolis, Indiana.

If you are an adult sib, please consider joining us.  We love to have adult sibs as Sibshop facilitators and the adult sibs who help run them say they get as much out of running them as they give.  Even if you don’t want to become a Sibshop facilitator, please consider joining us for the first day.  When was the last time you had a day to address “your stuff”?  I can promise you an emotionally rich day with lots of shared laughs and insights.

If you are a parent, please consider joining us as well.  Parents are often the “prime movers” of Sibshops because they witness sibling issues on a daily basis.  Even if you don’t want to help create a Sibshop, please join us for the first day.  Opportunities to talk about your “other kids’” unique joys and concerns with sibs and other parents are rare!

If you are a service provider, thanks for remembering that brothers and sisters should be a part of every agency’s working definition of “family”!  Offering Sibshops is a great way acknowledge sibs’ unique life-long contributions.  And even if you can’t help run a Sibshop, attending the first day is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the issues facing millions (and I do mean millions) of siblings of people with special needs.  

There will surely be more trainings scheduled for 2010, but none are scheduled yet.  You can always see our online training calendar by visiting http://plus.calendars.net/sibshop/

Here are the upcoming workshops.  I hope to see you there!


To register and to learn more about costs, etc., please contact the host agencies directly:

Friday and Saturday January 22 and 23, 2010
Two-day Sibshop Training
Fresno, California
Down Syndrome Association of Central California
(Formerly the Fresno Area Down Syndrome Society)
Registration Contact:
Denise Allshouse 559-228-0411

Friday and Saturday February 5-6, 2010
Two-day Sibshop Training
Norwalk, Connecticut
STAR, Inc. Lighting the Way
Registration Contact:
Terriann Walker-Dick 203-846-9581 Ext: 360

Friday and Saturday February 12 and 13, 2010
Two-day Sibshop Training
Orlando, Florida
PALS (Providing Autism Links and Supports)
Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida
CARD (Center on Autism and Related Disabilities) ASGO (Autism Society of Greater Orlando)
Registration Contact:
Judee Samuels 407 737 2566 x 24

Friday and Saturday February 26 and 27, 2010
Two-day Sibshop Training
Indianapolis, Indiana
Community Education and Child Advocacy
Riley Hospital for Children
Registration Contact:
Karen Bruner Stroup
1-888-365-2022 (toll-free)
Note: This training is open to Indiana residents only

Learn what happens during a two-day Sibshop training http://www.siblingsupport.org/workshops/index_html

Don Meyer
Director, Sibling Support Project
A Kindering Center program
6512 23rd Ave NW, #213
Seattle, WA 98117 USA
206-297-6368 Fax: 206-297-1473
Sibling Support Project website: http://www.siblingsupport.org/ <http://www.siblingsupport.org/>
Sibling Support Project online training calendar: http://plus.calendars.net/sibshop <http://plus.calendars.net/sibshop>
Our brothers, Our sisters, Ourselves


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