Want to be on a sibling panel for the International Sibling Conference?

Can you please forward the below to SLN members? I am guessing you have a good and the latest distribution list….

Hello, all–

I am moderating a sibling panel at the International Sibling Conference in August. Consequently, I need panel members and I would like to let Dr. Bob know who my panelists are. (I need no fewer than four and no more than 7 panelists.) This panel will be from (approximately) 10:15—11:45 on Saturday, August 7th. http://www.siblingconference.org/home.cfm

If you’d like to share your expertise as a sib, I would honored to have you on my panel!

If this sounds interesting to you, please let me know asap. You need no prepare anything to be on this panel! Just show up!

Best, as always,

Don Meyer
Director, Sibling Support Project
A Kindering Center program
6512 23rd Ave NW, #322
Seattle, WA 98117 USA
206-297-6368 Fax: 206-297-1473
Training calendar:http://plus.calendars.net/sibshop
Our brothers, our sisters, ourselves

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