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Just a friendly reminder- if you have already done this, great! If not, we need to hear from you. Currently we have heard back from just a few of you and time is running out. Please take a min and fill out our form by *Friday, June 18*  so we can connect you with the right group.

Thanks. -John

Greetings SLNers! (apologies for the cross-postings) 

We’ve been busy at work getting the Sibling Leadership Network (SLN) up and running and ready, as they say during baseball season, for the "Big Show." We are proud of the progress we’ve made and wanted to re-welcome you to the network. Please save this email, as it contains useful information about the network, who is currently serving, and the responsibilities/tasks of the different "moving parts".

To begin, the Sibling Leadership Network wants to make sure that you’re getting the information about the SLN that you want. Since it has been some time for some of you since you’ve heard from us and we’re currently moving to our new “home” at, we thought now would be a good time to take a step back and ask you where you would like to be plugged into. 
As you may have signed up for the SLN committees some time ago, this email will hopefully help to clarify somewhat about the purpose and meeting frequency of these different committees. It also might highlight committees you are interested in, but aren’t yet signed up for.

Here are the committee email lists. 2009-2010 committee chairs and state chapter representatives, and an explanation of each (for more information on background and affiliations/contact info of people listed here, please consult our white papers here: 

When you are ready to sign up for your lists, please fill out our brief (5 min) survey here:

PLEASE NOTE: We need your response by FRIDAY, JUNE 18.

Here are the current SLN email lists (in italics)

This is the email list for the executive committee of the SLN. It includes:

·     Chair – Katie Arnold

·     Vice Chair – John Kramer

·     Secretary – Shea Obremski

·     Treasurer- Tamar Heller

This is the email list for everyone on the board of directors. This includes:

·     Chair – Katie Arnold

·     Vice Chair – John Kramer

·     Secretary – Shea Obremski

·     Treasurer- Tamar Heller

·     Outgoing Chair – (Vacant- we’re new!)

·     Chapter Representatives:

o   Ashley Coulter (TN)

o   Nora Handler (IL)

o   Kristin Lanari (WI)

o   Joyce Clemons (OH)

o   Mark Goldberg (NY)

·     At Large Board Members

o   Bryon Murray (Self Advocates Becoming Empowered)

o   Don Meyer (Sibling Support Project)

·     Chair of Network Development – Essie Pederson

·     Chair of Public Relations – Emily Holl

·     Chair of Policy and Advocacy– Angela Martin

·     Chair of Services and Supports – Tom Fish

·     Chair of Research– Ann Kaiser

The PR committee is responsible for coordinating the “marketing message” of the SLN outside of the network.  Basically, they work with the PR chair in:

·     Soliciting and responding to media inquiries related to SLN;

·     Developing/coordinating public education messages throughout the network;

·     Marketing the messages of the SLN and promoting the SLN image;

·     Supervising production of newsletter; and

·     Overseeing the website


§  This group is developing the website and logo of the Sibling Leadership Network. It meets about once a month and is chaired by Don Meyer and John Kramer.

The Policy and Advocacy Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding policy that pertains to siblings and coordinating advocacy efforts among state/local chapters.  Additional responsibilities include:

·     Attending Policy Advocacy meetings

·     Making recommendations for endorsing legislation;

·     Working with PR and Network Development to communicate sibling policy and advocacy efforts both externally to the wider community and general public as well as internally;

·     Encouraging a forum for regular policy and advocacy dialog and decision making; and

·     Adding and managing content on the website regarding policy and advocacy.

The Services and Support group is responsible for increasing awareness of services and supports for siblings of people with disabilities across the lifespan.  Additional responsibilities include:

·     Attending Services and Supports meetings

·     Advocating for increased and enhanced services and supports for siblings;

·     Compiling and disseminating information on current services and supports that include and target siblings; and

·     Adding and managing content on the website regarding services and supports.

The Research group is responsible for increasing the awareness of the importance of including siblings of people with disabilities in research. Additional responsibilities include:

·     Attending Research Workgroup meetings;

·     Collaborating with the Research chair on compiling, synthesizing, and disseminating research on siblings of people with disabilities;

·     Identifying gaps in the research and advocating for more and better research that includes siblings; and

·     Adding and managing content on the website regarding research.

There is one list that serves as an announcement-only list to all members of the SLN. This is not a discussion group, but is meant as a place for SLN leadership to keep the SLN apprised about any developments through announcements or dissemination of SLN-related e-publications. This list is: 
Also, plans are underway to start state lists for siblings in the network who are looking to coordinate their efforts on a state level. If you want one of these set up for future use, please email me at and we can create one for your state. We want these to make it easier to coordinate with others who might be interested in creating state sibling organizations in the future. 
If you have any other thoughts on discussion groups on any particular topic related to siblings, please let us know!

If you wish to leave the SLN and not receive updates, please send an email to with the words "UNSUBSCRIBE SLN." We will make sure your email is removed from our lists.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me (john.kramer@siblingleadership,org) or call me at 312-436-1839. 

John Kramer
Executive Committee Vice-Chair
The Sibling Leadership Network


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