Siblings of People with Disabilities: The Next Generation of Supporters

From our very own Katie Arnold (starts pg 2 of the latest American Association on Intellectual and Development Disability Gerontology newsletter)-

“The sibling relationship is an enduring bond that has a profound influence throughout a person‘s lifetime. Siblings of people with disabilities are in a position to naturally become the next generation of caregivers when parents are no longer able to fill this role. As parents age and are less able to support their child with a disability, the involvement of siblings be comes more necessary. People with disabilities are increasingly living longer than their parents and it is becoming more common for responsibilities to transition to nondisabled siblings. The aging of family caregivers is an impending issue that is increasing in urgency and siblings often supplement or supersede their

parents‘ caregiving role. As a result, parents and professionals are beginning to look to siblings to play a valuable role in the support of their brothers and sisters with disabilities.”

Read the rest of the story here…

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