They’re your parents too!

Just heard a webinar by Francine Russo. I thought you might find it interesting because many of you, while familiar with supporting your brother or sister with a disability, are also thinking about mom and dad. -John

“If you or your siblings are caring for aging parents, you’re in a tumultuous new life-passage: Caregiving, Medical help, Legal decisions, Death. Your siblings can be there for you like no one else—or they can drive you crazy and make everything harder. How can you make your family work now? THEY’RE YOUR PARENTS, TOO! is the first book to offer siblings a psychological and practical roadmap through this life-changing family transition. Filled with engaging, helpful stories of sisters and brothers with struggles like yours–whether you are the family caregiver or not–it also has research and top clinical expertise from geriatric care managers, family therapists and other experts on caregiving, family psychology, dementia, elder law, end-of-life decisions, and many more issues that can arise during the time of caring for aging parents or in the aftermath.”


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