SLN Celebrates National Sibling Day

Dear sibs and friends,

As you may know, Sunday, April 10th celebrates National Sibling Day. In honor of this event, the Sibling Leadership Network wants to post your thoughts on what it means to be a brother or sister!

If you need help getting started, here are some prompts that might help:

  • “National Sibling Day is not just another Hallmark Holiday because…”
  • “Being a brother or sister means…”
  • “Here’s what everyone should know about being a brother/sister”
  • “When I think about being a brother/sister, I think…”

There really aren’t many rules, except for these:

  • Please keep your comments brief—no more than 50 words.
  • Include your name and city and state/province (you can make up a pen name if you want!)
  • To post your response, please post in the comments section at the bottom of this post OR send to John Kramer at

Finally, check the Sibling Leadership Network’s website at the end of April to see some highlights from the responses we receive! We’ll use as many as we can.

We look forward to seeing your thoughts!

Emily Holl,


John Kramer,

Sibling Leadership Network

Don Meyer,

Sibling Support Project

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16 Responses to SLN Celebrates National Sibling Day

  1. Emily Holl says:

    When I think about being a sister, I think about how much my brother, Peter, inspires me. I think about how he doesn’t let disability stand in his way of reaching out to others with enthusiasm, sincerity and a healthy dose of humor. When I think about being a sister, I think about the challenges of living in a world that isn’t always so kind to people with disabilities. I think about the importance of advocating with our brothers and sisters with disabilities, and about how this will become increasingly important in the future. When I think about being a sister, I think about some of the things I’ve lost to circumstances beyond my — or anyone’s — control. And I think about all of the things that I’ve gained, including the unconditional love of my biggest fan.

    Happy National Sibling Day to all of the brothers and sisters with and without disabilities out there!

  2. Connie Murray says:

    Spending this day with my brother, Christopher! Eating pizza, salad, ice cream and watching hours and hours of Good Times. Good times, indeed…! I love my brother!

  3. Nora Handler says:

    Being a sister means having unconditional love.

  4. Caroline Luna says:

    I am the sister of Buffy. Buffy was diagnosed with cognitive delays and a seizure disorder, She is four years older than I am and we have a brother, Peter, who is five years younger than me. Buffy is a central part of my life, I believe she has touched each aspect of my life. She has given me a love of helping others and made me a more empathetic person. I am a preschool special education teacher and Sibshop facilitator. I enjoy working with young siblings and sharing my experiences with them. Buffy is not only my sister she is my best friend. We share a very close relationship. It hasn’t always been easy but life with my sister is a journey I have chosen to go on. It may have had many ups and downs along the way but we have found our way through together.

  5. Lindsay Kennedy says:

    Today I say thank you to a very inspirational woman; my sister Julia. We never share clothes or earings, like most sisters do. We do however share moments walking on the boardwalk, eating chocolate cake, and touching noses to say hello. I thank her for these moments as well as being my wonderful sister.

  6. Tracy Monahan says:

    Happy Sibling Day!!

  7. Delilah Picart says:

    Being a sister to my brother, Eric, means I am accountable for my actions. I am a proud Sibling advocate, talking about the rights my brother deserves. I think about my brother’s achievements socially, and consider other individuals’ obstacles not as roadblocks, but climbing walls. And if I can encourage my brother to take one step, that is the best feeling. Its also cool that he loves superhero movies!

  8. Katie Arnold says:

    Being a sib is about having someone with you throughout your life who is always there through good times and bad. It is about learning from each other, helping each other grow, and loving each other even when you are mad at each other. Thanks to my sibs for helping to make me who I am today!

  9. Sharon McGovern says:

    When I think of the sibling I know and love dearly, I am awestruck by the depth of her love and commitment to her brother and the well-being of her whole family. She is amazing and so is her brother. Much love and support to all siblings and their families today and every day.

  10. Kate Fialkowski says:

    Siblings. I had 9 around when I was growing up. They are teachers, tormentors, ears, shoulders, and arms. They humble us and empower us. They keep us from going too far adrift from ourselves. And sometimes we wish we could go further adrift from them 😉

    Here’s especially to siblings we lost early: John and Walter. Perhaps those who impact us most are those who are not here.

  11. Sibling day marks love and understanding. Understand everyone’s right to choice. Understand everyone’s right to have her/his voice heard equally. Understand everyone’s right to a place in the work force if desired. Understand being able to live in the least restrictive, affordable domicile. Understand there are those without these choices today and only our support and will overcome the struggle. Make today the reality we hope will one day become yesterday and only a distant memory.

  12. Rabihah Mateen says:

    Being a sibling to my sister, Carla, means being an advocate and caregiver. Carla is a survivor of the Willowbrook class, so I am grateful that care of the mentally retarded has evolved greatly due to this unfortunate history.

  13. Lisa Matthews-Martin says:

    Siblings Day for me is about reflection. I am thankful for my brother and realize how much of an impact he has been in my life. Mike has humbled me in such an extraordinary way to care about things beyond my circle. His innocence and compassion has created a personal commitment to pay it forward to others. While he may never realize or understand the influence he has in my life…I am forever grateful that he’s my brother.

    Happy Siblings Day to all that have a Mike in their lives.

  14. John says:

    For me, being a sibling of two individuals with disabilities means knowing and practicing the art of negotiation as a minority stakeholder. It also means knowing two people in the world who will always remember way back when…

    • Ann says:

      Hi there,
      I too have sisters with disabilities and just wanted to say I understand also the need to take care of yourself while loving unique family dynamics!

  15. Bekke says:

    My sister Brenda is two years younger than me and has been the catalyst in my life to create healthy environments for adults with mild cognitive disabilities to learn skills in self determination, positive communication, and the ability to learn to love themselves. She echos the mantra she was told growing up “I’m so stupid” or “I never get anything right” when she makes a mistake but as time passes that becomes less and less frequent and when I tell her “That’s nonsense! You are the best teacher I’ll ever have” she now responds with “If that’s right then maybe you are the one with a disability!” She and my clients teach me daily about how unfair life can be when it doesn’t really have to be. Having a sibling with a disability is the best “blessing in disguise” I could ever have been given!