MSSN: “No Sibling Left Behind: Supporting Siblings of Children with Disabilities”


Date: Thursday, Sep. 15, 2011
Fee: None
Time: 12:30 – 1:30 (E.S.T.)
Length: 60 Minutes



When a family includes disabled children, sibling relationships can become even more dynamic. With so much attention paid to the disabled child, the voices of siblings are too often left unheard. This webinar will cover the sibling experience, research on the impact of disabilities on siblings, and the growing movement to help siblings of children with disabilities. Plenty of time will be allowed for questions and answers.


Jennifer Weisman, Ph.D., is clerk and co-founder of the Massachusetts Sibling Support Network (MSSN) and also serves as the Massachusetts Chair on the Board of Directors for the Sibling Leadership Network. Her dissertation research was on the experiences of college students who have a sibling with a developmental disability. Jennifer has a younger sister who has a developmental disability.

Emily Rubin is President and co-founder of the Massachusetts Sibling Support Network (MSSN). Emily is also the Director of Sibling Support at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center of UMass Medical School, where she is conducting a research study to support siblings of children who are admitted for psychiatric hospitalization.

Janet Thibeau is Vice President of Strategic Operations at the Massachusetts Sibling Support Network (MSSN) where, among other responsibilities, she provides guidance to the Executive Committee on operational and logistical aspects of all strategic initiatives. Janet also works as an educational advocate.

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One Response to MSSN: “No Sibling Left Behind: Supporting Siblings of Children with Disabilities”

  1. Dear Jennifer Weisman,

    I am a Dutch radiojournalist turned writer and am interested in the experiences of college students, as mentioned above.

    Because of my brother who is blind and mentally disabled, I have set upon making an inspiring book filled with testimonies of brothers and sisters of children with special needs, and secondly, with recent research on ‘brothers/sisters of…’.

    The goal of the book is to have children and adults who have a bro/sis with special needs identify, letting them know they are not alone, and helping them putting their worlds in perspective with the research available.

    SInce I am particularly interested in the influence of a (often) somewhat different upbringing and the thereby different view on the world from an early stage, on career choices and raising their own children, I would love to learn more about your research.

    Could I give you a call on this or if you want to send me your findings or a synopsis, I would be more than happy to receive it at the email added to this message.

    More information about the book in English: the rest of the site is in my native Dutch though.

    Anjet van Dijken