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SIBS NH offers sibling (sib) support groups to children and youth in first through twelfth grade with a brother or sister that experience developmental disabilities, chronic health conditions, mental illness, physical disabilities and/or learning disabilities.

The groups offer a chance for sibs to get together and share a time of fun and support. It is an opportunity to talk with peers who have the same fears, questions and mixed feelings about their sibling and/or disability.

This program provides a chance to obtain reliable information on their sibling’s special needs, to talk with each other without the worry that they may upset someone, and the comfort of knowing that they are not the only one feeling happy, angry or confused about their sibling.

SIBS NH helps children develop coping skills for both dealings with their brother os sister and other children. It is a time to develop empathy and tolerance and teaches and understanding that life can be good even when it is not perfect. Children are able to express themselves in their own special time and empower each other to speak to their own needs as well as that of their sibling.

Families and/or service providers can call or email to find out how to get started and when the next meeting is.

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