Sibling Stories: The Science of Respect

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Ever since my high school biology class I’ve known that going into science was going to be a hard road.  It was the first time I was taught that someone with an extra 21st chromosome “suffers” from Down syndrome.  And it was not the last.

I remember sitting in that class and being shocked.  I wondered: does my brother “suffer” from Down syndrome?  Yes, my older brother has Down syndrome, but does he “suffer” from it?  The teenager at home who loves to sing and dance, play Nintendo, and go hiking and camping?  The sports fanatic who keeps up-to-date on all his favorite teams – the Mariners and Seahawks – and enjoys competing in Special Olympics?  Sure, he struggles at some things, but don’t we all?  And, sure, his struggles may be with counting out change at the store while I’m struggling with pre-calculus, but does that mean he “suffers”?  The image of Down syndrome painted by my biology teacher just didn’t fit with the brother I know and love.  I remember wondering what to do…

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