An Invitation to Contribute to the Sibling Survival Guide

From Don Meyer and Emily Holl…

Dear members of the Sibling Leadership Network community,

As you may have heard, our plans for our proposed book for Woodbine House (code-named the Sibling Survival Guide) have evolved.

On October 5th, the SLN board approved our plan for the Sibling Survival Guide (SSG) to become a publication created by SLN members and edited by Emily Holl and myself.

Having the SSG written by SLN members will allow us to tap into the rich array of expertise that exists among our members and serve as a “calling card” for the work of the SLN.  One hundred percent of the royalties from the Sibling Survival Guide will go to support the SLN. 

Read the announcement here…

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3 Responses to An Invitation to Contribute to the Sibling Survival Guide

  1. Cecelia Reilly says:

    I would be interested in contributing to the book. I have not really been in touch with any sibs in a while and have not attened any meetings with you and the group Emily.
    If you are interested let me know.
    Thanks Cecelia

  2. Lynne Mack says:

    I would like to contribute to the book. i am currently living in Philadelphia PA, I am in the process of creating a sibling network here in Philadelphia, I have a few members. I am the caregiver of my sister who is 43 years old and has significant disabilities as well as the caregiver for my mother who is 74 with a diagnosis of alzheimer’s.

  3. I have been thinking about writing my story for the survival guide but am having difficulty getting it out of my head through my heart and out. Resisting looking at what has been hidden and carried for so long. I will attempt again to respond. Need encouragement.