Story: My Brother’s Valuable Life

Thanks Rachel Simon for posting this… -John

How does one measure whether a life was a success, or a failure?

Some would measure it by recognition, that is, how many knew the person’s name. For others, the measure of a successful life would be the amount of wealth accumulated, or possessions held. Still others would say a life was successful if the person made a major contribution to society — in medicine, sports, politics, or the arts.

By that standard my brother, Marshall Stephen Thomas, who died January 5, was a failure. If, however, your standard for a successful life is how that life positively touched others, then my brother’s life was a resounding success.

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One Response to Story: My Brother’s Valuable Life

  1. Barbara Guzzo says:

    Thank you for this touching tribute to your brother. I resonated with much of it as your family’s story and decisions about caring for your brother are very similar to my family’s story and decisions. My brother, Jim, who has Down Syndrome, is now 61 years old and enjoying life. He has been a gift in our lives as well.