Film: “Raising Renee” to air on HBO2

When: on Wednesday, Feb 22 at 8PM

Painter Beverly McIver was enjoying a skyrocketing career when she promised her mother, Ethel, that she would take care of her sister, Renee, an Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled adult. Years later, following Ethel’s death, that promise came due.

Filmed over the course of six years, the compelling HBO2 documentary ‘Raising Renee’ chronicles Beverly McIver’s efforts to make good on her promise. A testament to the power of family bonds, this thought-provoking film is produced and directed by Steven Ascher and Jeanne Jordan (the Oscar®-nominated ‘Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern’).

Marked by drama, humor and unexpected twists, ‘Raising Renee’ begins in 2003, as Beverly McIver is savoring opening night of her first solo art show in New York, joined by her mother, Ethel, and Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled sister, Renee, a 43-year-old who functions at the level of a third grader. When Ethel dies the next year, Beverly’s pledge to care for Renee is put to the test.

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