Policy Update: The Arc and AUCD on the Ryan Budget

This is a very important issue to people with disabilities and their families.


The Arc-

“It is deeply troubling that, in the name of deficit reduction, there is absolutely no shared sacrifice. The House Budget proposes to decimate the Medicaid program, taking away essential health and long term services and supports for our middle and low income citizens, while providing for tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and corporations. It should be called the ‘fend for yourself’ budget,” said Peter V. Berns, CEO of The Arc.

more from The Arc…

From AUCD…

“The Budget put forward by Chairman Ryan would severely undermine AUCD’s mission and, contrary to what the budget summary purports, it fails to protect people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations” said AUCD’s Executive Director, George Jesien, PhD. “AUCD believes a deficit reduction proposal must include revenue increases, which are absent from this proposal. Further cuts to entitlement and discretionary programs are short-sighted. They threaten the fragile economic recovery, reduce the number of jobs available, and ultimately hurt our global competitiveness. Rebuilding our investment in domestic programs will boost the economy and reduce the deficit through prevention of costly chronic diseases, increased earnings, and reduced expenditures for unemployment and other social service programs.”

Read the rest from AUCD here…

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2 Responses to Policy Update: The Arc and AUCD on the Ryan Budget

  1. Deborah Spencer says:

    My sister is sibling with disabilities. She lives with my Mom and Dad who are in their 80’s and she is 47. I need help to prepare for her difficult transition when my parents pass away.
    Debbie Spencer

  2. Douglas H. Terrell says:

    There are no “compassionate conservatives” only the heartless GOP.
    What can we do?