Blog: Sing Me Back Home

Good evening everyone-

I just got back from the 4th annual Tennessee Adult Brothers and Sisters conference. I really enjoyed meeting friends, old and new and, surprisingly, far and wide. I wish it could have lasted just a little bit longer, though I always feel that way.

In reflecting on this trip, I found myself thinking less about the disability stuff and more about why I find siblinghood so compelling.

The feeling that we, brothers and sisters, will be involved in each other’s lives, especially as we grow older, is really “in our bones” and hard to define. I often think of my 96 (11/12) yr old Grandmother who is the last of the Carter sisters. I often wonder what she thinks about her sisters, whom she knew for 80 plus years.  The depth of those relationships feels profound. It feels humbling to me.

I really enjoyed meeting everyone and even got to enjoy a little bluegrass music in there-  singing along with an old Waylon tune.

I want to thank TABS for the good work that they do. Looking forward to hearing about the 5th Annual Conference next year!



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