Research: Seeking Participants: Adult Siblings of Adults with Autism and Down Syndrome

Are you a sibling of an adult (18+) with autism or Down syndrome?

Would you enjoy contributing to scientific knowledge by describing what it has been like for you to have an adult sibling with autism or Down syndrome?

A study is being conducted through the Department of Psychology at Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis. For more information, please contact the co-investigator, Teri Belkin, at:

Phone: (201) 452-6613


To take the confidential research survey, go to:

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5 Responses to Research: Seeking Participants: Adult Siblings of Adults with Autism and Down Syndrome

  1. NoelAnn King says:

    I’ve tried to do the survey several times, but it will not recognize my answers (it won’t insert check marks in the appropriate slots).

    • Teri Belkin says:

      I am sorry about that, NoelAnn! I have not seen that happen before. Is there any way you can complete the survey in a different location (i.e. a public library)? Perhaps that will fix the problem. Good luck!

      Thanks for your efforts,

  2. Josie Byzek says:

    I had to stop doing the survey because I realized my adult sib with autism’s tics aren’t problematic for me — he doesn’t live with me, and they’re not mine. He has a hell of a lot of things he does that are eccentric and odd, but they’re just who he is. So I stopped filling out the survey since I couldn’t sell out my brother by characterizing who he is as being problematic. He’s not a problem.

    • Teri Belkin says:

      I appreciate your honest feedback, Josie. In my humble opinion, you are not selling out your brother! You are reporting a truthful account of his symptoms and how they have affected your life- – anonymously. If his behaviors are not problematic to you, there are options to say so in the survey. I hope you reconsider, and give the study another chance. It is from the responses of siblings like you, that we can learn and better provide services to meet your needs.

      Best regards,

  3. Leslie Schmid says:

    The survey did not capture the fact that my brother lives with me and my family. As for family support, it only comes from my husband and children, not from older brother out of town or aging mother. My ds brother moved in very suddenly. He steals our things and the stress of working on behaviors ignored by my parents is taking it’s toll.