Announcement: Check out “Side by Side: Growing up with a brother or sister with a disability”

From Siblings Australia…

If someone in your family has a disability or developmental delay (referred to as a disability in this booklet) this information will help you to understand:

the concerns that brothers and sisters of the child with a disability may have;

  • how concerns might show in the
  • way brothers and sisters behave;
  • why brothers and sisters may
  • sometimes need support;
  • what you can do to support your children; and
  • where you can find out about support for your family.

You may have a lot of different feelings about your children including love, joy and pride but, at different times, you might also feel things like grief, anger, guilt and fear about the future. The way you cope with

your feelings will change over time and you can learn to support your children so they adjust well to their experiences, as well as to support yourself.

All children will react differently to being the brother or sister of a child with a disability and some may struggle with different feelings and experiences.

Their reactions can change over time and depend on things such as your child’s type of disability, the age of your

children, how your child’s disability is managed by all of your family and the response of people outside the family…

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