News: Autism can have large effects, good and bad, on a disabled child’s siblings

From the Washington Post… -John

By: Ranit Mishori

One of the least fun moments I recall from my years of growing up with an autistic brother was when he bit me on the cheek — just in time for my class photo. I was 12 and he was 11. I went into school with visible bite marks, and when they sat me in the chair for my solo shot, I told them that the cat had done it.

That’s one of the bad stories. As for a good one . . . um, to be honest, I have a hard time coming up with much.

I know that people are warmed by stories of siblings who selflessly shower the disabled child with love, attention and support. I think that’s great, too. And it’s for real for some siblings. But for many of us, relating to a sibling who is on the autism spectrum can be complicated. The challenges to a warm, close relationship are many. Normal sibling rivalry doesn’t work, because it can never be a fair fight.

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2 Responses to News: Autism can have large effects, good and bad, on a disabled child’s siblings

  1. Jo Harris says:

    I have just read this article in The Press, Christchurch, NZ(Thursday Sept 13th). Thanks for your brave and candid honesty. I have an autistic son and older and younger children. I plan to let my 14 year old daughter read it in the hope it will help her deal with some of the issues she faces.

  2. Jorge says:

    Abuse of autistic people reaching epidemic level on USA. Every parent must prepare for day autistic children turn into adults and are still needing 24 hours care: Here’s one story that is gaining national coverage into the perils of finding safe home health support for autistic adults.