Media: Sibling Support Project on Talk of the Nation

Tomorrow—Tuesday September 25th—I will be a guest on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation for a show about growing up with a sibling who has a cognitive disability. It will air from 3-4 pm EST.

Featured on the show will be Dr. Ranit Mishori, who wrote a recent article in the Washington Post on her experiences growing up with a brother who has autism.

If Talk of the Nation does not air on your local Public Radio station, you can live-stream the show on the websites of stations that do carry it, such as KQED or listen to it later on

If you’d like to join the discussion as a caller you can call NPR at (800) 989-8255. Alternatively, you can send your question or comments to

This is a great forum to let people know about sibs’ life-long concerns. I hope it goes well! Keep your fingers crossed!



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