Siblings rule…a recap

headshot of John KramerHi all, Over the last couple weeks, in celebration of Sibling Day 2013, we’ve released a series of public service announcements (PSAs). The series is called Siblings Rule, and it’s about the roles that siblings of people with disabilities can play in supporting employment.

These PSAs are based on the findings from a research study, “Sibling Connections to Employment,” about the involvement of siblings in employment. We hope these short videos, in some small way, motivate siblings of people with disabilities to get involved in the lives and career paths of their brothers and sisters.

The Sibling Leadership Network connects siblings to resources and support. But this video series represents another function of the Sibling Leadership Network: to disseminate research in a way that matters and is motivational to siblings. We think that siblings can benefit from research most when the findings are easy to understand and framed in a practical, real-world kind of way.

If you have not already, please become a member of the Sibling Leadership Network. We have a conference coming up in Pittsburgh on June 6, so we hope to see you there. Also, if you have a burning issue or something you think is important to siblings of people with disabilities, drop us a line at, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.



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