SLN Celebrates Disability Rights


Sibling Leadership Network Celebrates Disability Rights

Today, July 26th, 2013, marks the 23rd anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the landmark human rights legislation that called for an end to discrimination toward individuals with disabilities in all aspects of life.  The ADA, which received overwhelming bipartisan support at the time of its passage, promises equal opportunity for people with disabilities in the United States and guarantees the protection of their rights and dignity.

As several disability rights groups have stated, “the anniversary is particularly noteworthy this year,” as the Senate is in the process of renewing discussions around the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  The CRPD — “the Disability Treaty” – which is modeled after the ADA, would recognize U.S. commitment to international disability rights law, and serve as a framework for creating legislation and policies around the world.  In spite of strong bipartisan support, the treaty ultimately fell just five votes short of ratification when it went before the full Senate last December.  Now, as advocates remain dedicated to educating the 113th Congress on its importance, the Senate has a second chance to do the right thing and ratify the CRPD and make history.  Over 550 American disability-related organizations nationwide signed on in support of the treaty – see the full list at

Here’s how you can help!  Call on Congress to fight for the 57.8 million Americans with disabilities, 5.5 million American veterans with disabilities and American businesses to ratify the CRPD.

Contact Senator Corker and Senator Menendez who lead the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and tell them you want a hearing on the Disability Treaty!

  • Senator Menendez: (202) 224-4744
  • Senator Corker: (202) 224-3344

Also feel free to call both of your U.S. Senators to ask for their support for the CRPD!

  • Dial the Capitol Switchboard at (202)      224-3121 and ask for the office of your Senators; or
  • Visit AUCD’s Action Center to email      your Senators.

 ** Visit USICD’s CRPD homepage at to learn more about ratification! **

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