SLN Offers Insight in National Disability Policy Report

ncdThe National Council on Disability recently released their Disability Policy Progress Report. This report summarizes the current status of laws and policies serving Americans with Disabilities, and makes recommendations for future policy development and advocacy. The SLN has a great quote on page 77 of the report:

 “Reinforcing the point that you don’t have to be the person with a disability to have disability affect you, Katie Arnold, executive director of the Sibling Leadership Network, stressed the key role siblings often play in providing natural supports for people with disabilities throughout their life span:

Siblings often play a key role in providing natural supports for people with disabilities throughout their life. Yet, navigating the disability service system and getting support for themselves as siblings can be difficult and overwhelming. Addressing the needs of siblings will lead to better outcomes for families and people with disabilities. Siblings often have the longest relationship of their lives with each other and greatly impact each other. Siblings are uniquely positioned in the family to support their brothers and sisters with disabilities to lead self-determined lives. The peer nature of their relationship makes them well-suited to support each other throughout life in many areas including employment, voting, transportation, relationships and sexuality, health care, housing supports, and more.”


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