Sib Resolutions

Angela-Nora(cropped)Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Whether you have a new diet every January or just clean the house from top to bottom, the New Year is a great time to look back on the past 12 months while focusing on what you want this year to look like. Why not make some “sib resolutions?”

 Here are some ideas:

1. Be kind to yourself! Take time for yourself so you are healthy and happy.  Think of things that help you feel rejuvenated.  Read a book or a blog—check out SLN member Caroline McGraw’s “A Wish Come Clear.”  Do yoga. Eat chocolate. Go running. Do what gives you energy.

2. Talk to your family about the future. The holidays can sometimes be stressful because they can bring up stuff about the future. Siblings can play a role in starting the conversation within the family about the future.  Start the difficult dialogue about the future and find out what your family is thinking about to ensure your brother or sister with a disability has support throughout his or her life.  Ask your parents if they have thought about and/or made any future plans.  Find out what your brother or sister with a disability thinks he or she might want and need in the future in terms of support.  Think about what could work for you and what role you might be willing to play or not play.  Make sure everyone has a voice and a choice.  Here is a great resource that can be a road map for your family.

3. Get involved in the sibling movement! Find a sibling chapter near you or get involved at the national level.  The SLN has a number of volunteer committees and they are always looking for more siblings and sibling supporters to get involved.   Connect with other siblings and sibling supporters and share your ideas to help grow the sibling movement.  The Committees typically have a 1 hour conference call every other month.  The Policy and Advocacy Committee meeting is coming up on January 9 at 8pm ET and the Research Committee meeting is January 29 at 9pm ET. If you are interested in joining any committee, please email We’d love to have you!

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