Reasons You Are Absolutely Required to Educate Policymakers

rachelmark024Thinking about attending the Disability Policy Seminar?

Rachel Patterson, Policy Analyst at Association of University Centers on Disability (AUCD) and an SLN Board Member, gives us 7 Reasons we should engage in disability policy advocacy. Check out this informative and downright entertaining blog post here.


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One Response to Reasons You Are Absolutely Required to Educate Policymakers

  1. James Gallant says:

    Hello Rachel,
    Thanks for the insights on the importance of influencing public policy leaders as a way to support our siblings with disabilities.
    Please consider a formal review and written analysis of the newly released report and recommendations from Michigan’s Mental Health and Wellness Commission (Dec. 2013). Lt. Governor Calley is the Chair and the MDCH Director, Jim Haveman, is the Vice Chair.
    I testified at several of the Public Hearings last year and they appear to have listened to my suggestions about including all governmental service agencies, including the Family Court, in a person’s “Individual Plan of Service” and continuum of care as referral opportunities to those community based services.
    Many people with disabilities are being systematically disengaged and isolated from their family members that they don’t live with due to divorce, separation, and single parenthood, many times in direct contradiction to current written orders of the Family Courts. Michigan’s Mental Health Code requires an assessment for needs for legal services and the Family Courts in Michigan are currently required to provide an entitlement to enforcement services at no charge to the referring agency or the Family.
    This could be the beginning of a new way to protect our siblings’ family relationships, where ever they are, throughout their lifetime.
    Thanks again, James Gallant, Project Parenting Time, Marquette, MI