Seeking Sibling Stories about Experiences with Providers

Hello everyone,

The most powerful tool we have is our story and sharing our stories to educate and empower.

We want to share our individual stories as well as our collective stories with each other and with those who help our families. The SLN is working with ANCOR (American Network of Community Options and Resources), which provides support and advocacy to private community providers of services to people with disabilities to share the sibling perspective with their network.

We are looking for positive stories about how you worked with staff from provider agencies that led to better outcomes for your sibling and family. These stories might be about reconnecting people to their families, community inclusion, working on/reaching personal outcomes, contributing to their community, developing relationships in their community, etc.

Please let us know if you are willing to share your story! We would like to share these stories with ANCOR as well as in our SLN Network. Please contact me if you are interested in sharing your story. We look forward to hearing from you!


Barb Sapharas

SLN’s Vice Chair

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