Send us Your Stories!

Help us prepare to celebrate National Siblings Day on April 10th. We want to hear from you! What stories do you have? Check out other stories at and thank you for joining in this SLN Core Value storytelling initiative for National Siblings Day!

Your story has power. The power to inspire. The power to energize, and the power to move people to action. Please send your sibling story to us so we can share it with our sibling network.  Email your story to

Also, we love sibling photos, so feel free to send a photo of you and your sibling(s) if you are willing. We will follow up seeking rights to share and publish.  Thank you!

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One Response to Send us Your Stories!

  1. Pat Carver says:

    Here are the SLN CORE VALUES of the for the Storytelling Initiative.

    -Individuals with disabilities have the same rights as all members of society to dignity, respect and the opportunity to grow and to be productive members of their communities

    – Siblings of individuals with disabilities can have a powerful, positive impact on their siblings’ experiences, and are uniquely positioned to help ensure their present and future care in partnership with service organizations and government.

    – In promoting the rights of our brothers and sisters, and of all individuals with disabilities, we are committed to advocating for policies and services that meet their needs.

    – Siblings can be of great support to one another to enhance both our lives and the lives of our siblings.