What Policies Are Important to Siblings?

Check out these resources provided by the Disability Policy Seminar, as well as the resources on the SLN website, including the updated SLN Sibling Policy Brief. Today, we’re headed to Capitol Hill to advocate for issues important to siblings of people with disabilities and their families.

We want to know, what do YOU think is important for lawmakers to know about siblings?

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One Response to What Policies Are Important to Siblings?

  1. Kate Fialkowski says:

    hello… This is a general policy comment. I think Waiting Lists and registries for services — DD, MH, or even aging are a top policy item for siblings. We should be able to report a crisis/emergency and just because we take in a sibling for a short term in an emergency, that should not then be considered permanent housing that disqualifies them. We should create a policy statement that’s sibling specific on waiting lists… Including if siblings are out of state.