Thanks4Giving: Double Your Dollars!


Pat and her brother Jimmy

From Pat Carver, SLN Chair of the Board: 

Dear SLN members and sibling supporters,

Have we got a donation deal for you!  This past year has been so great for the Sibling Leadership Network (SLN) that a donor has stepped up and pledged to match all contributions dollar for dollar. So …if you make a $25 year-end contribution to the SLN, it will result in $50 dollars!  This donor has pledged to match every dollar contributed to the SLN through the end of 2014.   That’s December 31, 2014!

Please make a year-end contribution to the work of the SLN today!  

This major donor match was established after I shared something magical that happened at this year’s Michigan Including and Supporting our Brothers and Sisters (MI SIBS) Conference:

I mentioned how I connected with another sibling who lives out of state and how we spoke of our deep love for our brothers. We shared the challenges of long distance sibling relationships. Well, it so happened that she lives close to Northern Virginia near my brother while I live in southeastern Michigan near her brother.  We talked about a sibling swap of sorts and started plotting ways try to support each other’s respective sib.

Meeting another sib who understands the challenges that come from being long distance and who will possibly develop a relationship with my brother gives me some peace of mind.  While my brother lives in a house on a quiet, suburban street with three others, he hasn’t always had this luxury. Years of his life were spent in terribly restrictive and stifling environments and during this time I grew to recognize that committed relationships are the real key to health and safety.

Next week, when I visit my brother, my new potential ally is coming out to meet him.  Maybe she will enjoy taking walks with him; it’s one thing that brings him great joy. In turn, I will advocate with her brother in ways I can.

THIS is sibling support!

The peer support and sibling connections through the SLN are powerful. Remember – every dollar donated by the end of the year will be matched 100%– so whatever you can give will doubly benefit the SLN.  Make your donation here:

Happy Holidays,


Pat Carver                                                                                                                                                 Chair of SLN Board of Directors

P.S. If you want to know just how great our SLN  year has been – click here:

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