ABLE Act: Learn About the Next Steps for your State

In December 2014, Congress passed the ABLE Act and President Obama signed it into law. This new law allows families and individuals with disabilities to save money for qualified disability-related expenses while maintaining access to Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.

Next, each state will need to set up an ABLE Account program so their residents can take advantage of the program. To learn more about the accounts and how they may be able to help your family, see this infographic from Allsup and the American Association of People with Disabilities,  10 Things You Must Know About ABLE Accounts from the National Disability Institute, and fact sheets from The Arc of the US on both the basics and all the details about the law and what happens next in implementation.

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One Response to ABLE Act: Learn About the Next Steps for your State

  1. Jack Lancellotta says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to all those advocates that worked tirelessly to ensure some form of financial relief and personal security is afforded to our Disabled American people. Yes, although not perfect legislation, the age threshold of 26 is a sticky point in dis-allowing full coverage or opportunity to those – – over that lean age – who also struggle with ‘ disabilities’ to have some form of individual financial relief and a minimum of economic security. However this is a great accomplishment in itself within the labyrinth world of political bureaucracy on the federal level that offers to those truly disabled people after years of restrictive and unfair rule-making authority, the human and personal sense of a resemblance of economic independence, although within a genuinely structured system. Although we hope the developing new rule applications – for the A.B.L.E. Act – by the United States Treasury will be promulgated sooner than later, in the interim, we all should join together and look into recent proposals such as the SSI SAVERS ACT and Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act to be re-introduced into Congress with such sound and pronounce momentum for these types of upgrades to existing legislation and rule-making. With such legislative action as the SSI SVERS ACT or SUPPLEMNTAL SECURITY RESTORATION ACT being re-introduced into Congress on a strong bi-partisan effort, a simple, needed and well overdue allowance to those Disabled individuals over the age of 26, would actually possess some independent (private) savings – with no reflection on ‘tax expenditures’ or losses to the Treasury – and shed the offensive and oppressive burden of long-term penalties and threats of medical expulsion for simple things as accepting a meal or small donation under the ‘In-Kind Support & Maintenance’ Rule, which upon minimum examination, is quite repulsive to even the average American. Let’s continue the realistic encouragement of the proper modernization of our disability regulatory process and coalesce with such outstanding legislators to bring about a formula that replicates the SSI SAVERS & SSI RESTORATION ACTS in the 114th United States Congress (2015-17).