Announcing the Sibling Survival Guide Book Club!

sibling survival guide
In honor of National Siblings Day, the Sibling Support Project and the Sibling Leadership Network present a weeklong Facebook discussion of: 
Joining us will be the book’s editors and authors, including Don Meyer, Emily Holl, Rachel Simon, Kitty Porterfield, Meghan Burke, Angela Martin, Barb Sapharas, Katie Arnold, Tamar Heller, and John Kramer. 
We hope you can join us! 
Here are the particulars: 
Dates: We’ll chat about Sibling Survival Guide topics on a special closed Facebook group from April 5 (Sunday) to April 11 (Saturday). Communicate directly with the authors and ask anything about the information they provided in the SSG! 
Who Can Join the Book Club: To assure a comfortable environment to discuss potentially sensitive topics, the Book Club is just for teen and adult siblings of people who have disabilities. 
Getting the Book: Prior to the Book Club, you’ll want to read The Sibling Survival Guide, of course! You can obtain a copy here. And you will be helping siblings across the country by supporting the Sibling Leadership Network, which receives 100% of the royalties for The Sibling Survival Guide.If you buy the book here, Amazon will donate up to 7% of the purchase price to the Sibling Support Project – at no extra cost to you. 
Joining the Book Club. To be a part of the Book Club visit here  or just search “Sibling Survival Guide” in the Facebook search bar.  Click “Join Group.” We’ll approve your request and will remind you shortly before the Book Club begins. 
(Would You Prefer an in-Person Book Club? During April, some state chapters of the Sibling Leadership Network will gather locally for traditional, fun, face-to-face book club meetings to discuss the Sibling Survival Guide. To find or organize a social SSG gathering in your area, contact your local chapter and get ready to gab!)
In the meantime, please enjoy the book and share this with others who may be interested!
“Accessible to both teen and adult readers, The Sibling Survival Guide: Indispensable Information for Brothers and Sisters of Adults with Disabilities lives up to its title as a practical, no-nonsense resource. Testimony, insights, and tips from people with disabled siblings fill the pages of this positive-minded, life-affirming guide. Topics range from everyday problems, to relationships and marriage, to legal issues and planning for the future. An absolute ‘must-have’ for people with disabilities, The Sibling Survival Guide is worthy of the highest recommendation.” January, 2015 Library Bookwatch
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One Response to Announcing the Sibling Survival Guide Book Club!

  1. Joanna Greig says:

    Hello–I do not have a Facebook account (just LinkedIn)–is there another way I can join this discussion or see a transcript of it when it is finished? Joanna Greig