Tuesdays with Liz: Disability Policy For All

lizFrom AUCD’s Liz Weintraub:

Have you ever felt like you didn’t understand what’s going on with disability policy, but wanted to understand so you could advocate for yourself and others? Well, I felt that way all the time.  I wanted to understand so I could advocate for myself and my friends on issues that matter to us.

I talked to folks at AUCD, where I work, about doing a video about disability policy so everyone can understand. We’ve created a weekly video called “Tuesdays w/ Liz: Disability Policy for All” on the AUCD’s YouTube Channel. On the video, I talk to the audience on a weekly basis about a policy that affects the disability movement.  Sometimes I interview policy makers and other leaders that influence the disability movement.  Here’s a link to “Tuesdays w/ Liz: Disability Policy for All”so you can see what it’s like: http://youtu.be/e1pWb3eOoYA

It is my hope that these videos will be as useful as possible for you and your friends. If there’s a policy topic that you think I should consider doing a Tuesdays w/ Liz video on, please email me at lweintraub@aucd.org or leave your idea in the comments section below the video.

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One Response to Tuesdays with Liz: Disability Policy For All

  1. Nancy Webster says:

    Hi Liz, congratulations on this excellent outreach! You are doing a wonderful job. I have shared your website with several people; and I love to tell them that I know you. Keep up the great work!
    Nancy Webster
    Immediate Past President, The Arc of the United States