Disability Policy Seminar is coming up soon!

New_facebook_cover_5During this crucial election season we need YOU in Washington, D.C. to help us build bipartisan support on Capitol Hill for high-priority disability issues. When you attend the Disability Policy Seminar, we’ll arm you with all of the information you need to help educate our Members of Congress and their staff on the priorities of the I/DD community. Then, you can return to your hometowns with the ability to spread the word, educate new advocates and reach out to the candidates to help put the needs of people with I/DD front and center on the campaign trail this year.

If you are attending this year’s Disability Policy Seminar, make sure to attend the Sibling Breakfast on Tuesday, April 14th from 8-9 am. This is a great time to get to know other siblings across the country and strategize about how best to communicate your sibling story to policymakers. We’ll see you there!

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