The R-word Documentary film

amanda r wordAmanda Lukoff is a sibling working on The R-Word Documentary, a film about how the power of words, and the love between siblings, can inspire a movement. She is in the process of raising funds in order to make this film a reality.

From Amanda’s website:

“Growing up with a sibling who has an intellectual disability has been the single greatest learning experience of my life – it has made me a more open-minded, understanding, accepting and compassionate human being. It is through this ‘sibling’ lens that the film’s narrative will be told. Growing up I knew one day I would combine my passion for filmmaking with the love and pride I have for my sister, and for individuals like her, and feel I am the right person to tell this story because I have first-hand experience of the power and impact of the r-word. This issue is becoming more and more relevant in popular culture and public discourse, but this is not just a disabilities-rights issue – this is a human-rights issue – every human being has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. I am confident this film will be a step in that direction.”

Go to The R-Word Documentary Film website to find out more about the filmand to donate:

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