Reason #4 to Attend the SLN Conference

tabs pic 1There are 4 more weeks until the National SLN Conference on May 30-31 in Louisville, KY. As part of the Conference Agenda and by popular demand, we have breakout sessions! We know planning for the future is an important topic for many siblings and their families, and we have devoted two breakout sessions to future planning. The first, “Planning for the Future: The Sibling Roadmap,” will give an overview of things to consider when thinking about the future. The second breakout, “Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney-Oh My! Legal Documents Needed to Safeguard Your Sibling’s Future,” will give an overview of the legal aspects of future planning by two experts from Kentucky!

Reason #4 to attend the SLN Conference: Get details about future planning from the sibling perspective. Register today!


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