Upcoming Webinar: “Being With” People with I/DD Experiencing Grief and Loss

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The Arc will be hosting a webinar on “Being With” People with I/DD Experiencing Grief and Loss

July 29, 2015
2:00-3:00 pm EST

“Loss is an unavoidable part of living, and grief is the process that helps us heal from a loss. Historically, it was believed that people with intellectual disabilities lacked the cognitive abilities to feel or express grief-related thoughts and feelings. However, recent research has shown that people with intellectual disabilities should be included in the bereavement process and their losses should be acknowledged.

Presenters will dispel these past misconceptions by sharing a new view of grief. This perspective includes current best practices for people with intellectual disabilities and important strategies to assist administrators, staff, families, and self-advocates in supporting grieving individuals.

Through story telling, examples of successful grief interventions, and learning about partnerships such as hospice, participants will leave the session feeling competent and comfortable using the simple techniques of ‘being with’ individuals who are grieving the loss of others or thinking about their own mortality.”


  • Mary Anne Tolliver started in direct support in 1984 and currently serves as the Director of Residential Services at the St. Louis Arc. Over the past five years, Mary Anne has worked to support several individuals who have made end of life decisions, individuals who died suddenly, and others with serious illness. Along with her colleague Barbara Stewart, they have supported the friends, family and direct support staff of the people who have passed away, and collaborated with medical, hospice, and government entities.
  • Barbara Williams Stewart is a clinical social worker whose practice is devoted exclusively to individuals with disabilities and their families. With a specialty in grief counseling, she currently works for the St. Louis Arc and is a professor of Education at Webster University. Barbara founded and served as the Executive Director for the Belle Center, an early intervention program for children with and without disabilities. She worked as a Deputy Director for Missouri’s Department of Mental Health.

To register, visit: Register for “Being With” People with I/DD Experiencing Grief and Loss

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3 Responses to Upcoming Webinar: “Being With” People with I/DD Experiencing Grief and Loss

  1. Barbara Robey says:

    I will be unable to attend the webinar. But I am happy to know about it.
    I lost my 83 year-old brother who had been living at the YAI facility in Port Washington, NY this past April and I am still dealing with a profound sense of loss. We were never that close until these past few years (after my mother’s death). The depth of my grief for him, I must admit, has taken me by surprise. I am 79 years old and my brother had always been a central part of my life. I guess one’s sibling knows one longer than any other relationship. I am well acquainted with grief having lost my husband (too young) and my parents (at good ages) and now, more and more, good friends. But my brother’s loss feels different in a way I have yet to define.
    I will be eager to read of other’s experiences.

  2. kelly knoop says:

    this is a great animation topic. thank you for hosting this, We will leave the ADA event at the AmVets post #9 , Accessing your Power, which is an event also July 29, 10am – noon.

  3. T. F. says:

    Hi. I landed up attending today’s web conference with a colleague who had also registered. The Bereavement & Grieving for I/DD selection was very helpful and useful to me…in recognizing (also) staff’s losses even insofar as their/our own losses sometimes affect interaction with clients &/or may affect our interactions when we are on a professional team. Also, I like the important idea that each of us human beings has some similarity of experience & some differences of experience regarding our losses including all human beings. Thank you presenters.