Call for Volunteers! – SLN Strategic Planning

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The SLN Board met on May 31, 2015, and identified 2-year goals to help us move toward our 10th Anniversary (2017). We identified 5 Areas of Focus and we’re looking for volunteers to join the exciting work of furthering our mission! Each area of focus will have 1-2 Board Members who will serve as Coordinators. The 5 Areas and Coordinators are:

  • Board Development (develop Board Expectations, identify fiscal commitment for Board Members, explore in person annual meeting, review officer terms) – David Horton
  • Chapter Development (develop structure for Chapter Development Committee, identify roles and duties-member management v chapter development)- Erin Hutzelman
  • Disability Justice (which will be addressed under the current Policy and Advocacy Committee- define disability justice, identify our role, identify support for Chapters) –Alison Whyte and Kristine Majewski
  • Diversity (of Board members, cross disability) – Caya Chiu and Nora Handler
  • Finance/Fundraising (identify sources of unencumbered income, donors, fundraising) – Ed O’Neill

Please let us know as soon as possible how you can help by volunteering to work with one of these groups. Contact Barb Sapharas if you are interested:

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