Powerful Article by a Sibling Caregiver

Sibling Amy Finney shared a beautiful story of her relationship with her sister Kara in a recent article on xoJane. The depth of Finney’s love for her sister, who had an extremely rare developmental disorder, is a powerful testament to the important role siblings have. Read the full article here: My Sister Was The Only Person In The World With Her Developmental Disorder And Until She Died, I Defined Myself As Her Caregiver

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One Response to Powerful Article by a Sibling Caregiver

  1. Mary Wysocki says:

    Hello Amy,

    I am so touched by your story and your love for Kara and the impact you had on each others lives. Take care of yourself. God bless.

    Mary Wysocki
    Snohomish County
    Developmental Disabilities