5 Ways to Celebrate National Siblings Day

Children keeping hands together over grass

Hello Siblings & SLN Supporters:

As you may well know, the sibling relationship can be one of the most important, rewarding, and long-lasting relationships that we will ever form. On April 10, National Siblings Day is celebrated by many people who just want to make that day special for their siblings. Please join me in celebrating with or commemorating a sibling, whether she/he is still with us or not.

The following are some suggestions for making April 10 a special day for our siblings:

First and foremost, give your sibling a hug and tell her/him how much you love her/him!

  1. Write down how being a sibling has made a difference in your life and tell your sibling.
  2. Do an activity with your sibling on that day, such as go out to eat or to the movies.
  3. Share your favorite story about your sibling with someone who has not heard it before.
  4. Post a favorite photo of you and your sibling on Facebook.
  5. Make a contribution to the SLN in honor of your sibling or send your story to the SLN for posting on our website.

Remember, April 10 is a special day. Celebrate it with someone you care about – your sibling!

David W. Horton, SLN Board Chair

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