Why We Need Your Support for the SLN During the 2016 Holiday Season

Support the Sibling Leadership Network this holiday season!

Dear SLN Members and Supporters:

I hope all of you are anticipating a holiday season filled with love and family fun. This is the time of year that can become very stressful, but we all should pause to remember what is important about it. Please, make it a time to re-connect, to relax, and to reaffirm your relationships with those you love. Do something special for your sibling(s) or the sibling(s) of others during this holiday season. Also, let us all reaffirm our commitment and support to the values of the SLN to make 2017 an even better year! You can do this by pledging whatever amount with which you feel comfortable to ensure that our mission can continue. Thanks for all you already do for our network!

David W. Horton, Board Chair

Today, we ask you to consider making a holiday donation to support the work of the Sibling Leadership Network. Any donation, large or small, will make a difference in the lives of siblings with disabilities.

Giving is easy! You can support us while you shop for the holidays through the Amazon Smile program: http://smile.amazon.com. Here’s how:

  • Under the search bar, it says “Supporting.” Change that to Sibling Leadership Network.
  • After selecting Sibling Leadership Network as your organization of choice to support, 0.5% of your purchase is automatically donated to us.
  • This has no impact on pricing and is a quick and easy way to finish up holiday shopping and support a meaningful cause. Share this wonderful program with family and friends!

We also have a PayPal giving page, which you can access here: http://siblingleadership.org/get-involved/donate-now/

  • If you choose to donate online, you have the option to select monthly recurring donations that are tax deductible. A simple monthly contribution of $5, $10 or $20 per month will provide the SLN with ongoing support for the work that we do without having a significant impact on monthly finances. All you have to do is check the box saying: “make this recurring.”

Additionally, we accept checks made out to the Sibling Leadership Network. Please mail them to our office at:

Sibling Leadership Network
332 S. Michigan Ave, Ste 1032 – S240
Chicago, IL 60604-4434

We are grateful for the ongoing support from our donors. The gifts you send further the work and mission of the Sibling Leadership Network. Without your generosity we could not make the gains we have for siblings of people with disabilities and their families. Thank you, and warm wishes for a happy holiday season!

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