Sibling Love and Support, Even at a Distance: Kristina and Kevin’s Story

by Kristina Majewski

a photo of two siblings, male and female smiling together, with birthday decorationsWhen I ask my brother Kevin what is important to him, his answer fluctuates from “my iPad” to the “the people in my life.” Over the years, as I have moved away from home, Kevin has expressed both his appreciation (in so many words) for our relationship but also his frustrations with not having me as near as I used to be. However, with a little help from Apple/Siri, Kevin is able to call and connect with me daily. And, with a little help from my friends, community, and fellow advocates at the Sibling Leadership Network (SLN), I have found the resources and guidance I need to help Kevin feel empowered by and secure in his unique set of interests and way of interacting with others. As our relationship has grown in new ways since I moved to DC, I constantly try to assure Kevin that even though we live in different states, I haven’t stopped loving and advocating for him.

Thanks to the SLN, I have learned the importance of connecting with and supporting siblings, near and far, through our extraordinary, yet often times familiar, experiences. For me and my brother, holidays are a time for reconnecting, expressing gratitude, and remembering the “people in our lives” that strengthen us. As a way to thank the SLN for all it has contributed to the lives of siblings and their brothers and sisters with disabilities, I plan to show my support this holiday season by donating to the cause. Please consider doing the same. I wish you and your family a peaceful holiday season!

Please Click Here to Donate to the Sibling Leadership Network.

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