2017 Family and Individual Needs for Disability Supports (FINDS) Survey

The 2017 FINDS Survey is Here!

The Research and Training Center on Community Living at the University of Minnesota in collaboration with The Arc, is seeking caregivers to share their perceptions on a range of life-span issues impacting individuals with I/DD. We are inviting people aged 18 years or older who provide frequent primary paid/unpaid support to a person with an I/DD to participate.

The results of the 2010 Survey provided unique insight into the growing gaps in education, employment, and other life-span activities that exist between persons with disabilities and their non-disabled peers, which has informed further dialogue and policy changes at the Federal and State levels.

Take the survey and share it widely in your networks! (http://www.thearc.org/finds)

The deadline is March 30.

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2 Responses to 2017 Family and Individual Needs for Disability Supports (FINDS) Survey

  1. Michele Galdonik says:

    I am the guardian and care taker of my 54-year-old baby brother who is Developmentally Disabled, Autistic, and Legally Blind. My brother has lived with me the past 35 years since the death of our father to cancer (or mother died of cancer two years before my brother).

    We live in Shakopee, MN.
    Except for my son, there is absolutely no other family that will help us or be involved.