SLN Participates in Empowering Sibling Symposium

Recently, the SLN was invited to be part of the Sibling Symposium coordinated by Siblings with a Mission, held at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Nathan Grant, President and Founder of Siblings with a Mission, gave the SLN an opportunity to participate as a vendor and also asked SLN Board Member Barb Sapharas to share information about the sibling perspective with adult siblings, parents, and sibling supporters.

Nearly 125 people attended this empowering symposium. During the event, younger siblings participated in SibShops while their parents and other sibling supporters heard about the sibling perspective from a pair of sisters as well as from a panel of young adults. There was also a presentation about LifeCourse tools – a useful resource for families.

This was a wonderful opportunity to meet families and provide insight into the many resources that the SLN provides. Thank you to Nathan Grant and Siblings with a Mission for collaborating with the SLN, and for all the work done to support siblings and their families.

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