Hurricane Harvey: Supporting People with Disabilities

The Sibling Leadership Network is deeply concerned about the people in Texas impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.  We hold in our thought the individuals and families who have been impacted by the hurricane.  Disability advocates from across the country have been organizing to identify resources and help for hurricane victims. Below are examples of ways that people from anywhere in the country can support people with disabilities impacted by the hurricane.

Portlight Strategies

Portlight is an organization focused on inclusive disaster strategies. They are working with the Texas government, FEMA and disability organizations from across the country to address the lifesaving needs of callers with disabilities.  If you know of people in Texas in need of assistance, please share the Portlight Hotline Number:  800-626-4959.  To make a donation to Portlight, and to get funds to responders who are working on disability evacuations, visit the Portlight website at

Trach Mommas of Louisiana

Below is a message composed by Rebecca Cokley, an advocate from Washington, D.C. The message is about the work of a group called Trach Mommas to support victims of Hurricane Harvey.


Children and adults who have Medical complexities and rely on technology to live, need help to stay alive during this epic flood in Texas. Many families are losing everything! These families are also losing all of their specialized medical supplies and won’t be able to access any for many days. These are life-saving supplies. All of these adults and children are at extreme risk for quickly getting sick due to the compromised air quality due to the toxic flood waters. Air Purifiers with HEPA filters can be life saving so please consider this type of donation as well.

We are asking for extra supplies you may have to share for those with medical complexities such as Tracheostomies and GTubes and all related equipment. Funds will be used to purchase additional supplies and for transport costs.

PayPal is
Donations can also be made at
We are a 501c3 Corporation

Contact Info
Jessica Michot 225-200-5178
Angéla Lorio 504-723-7193

Shipping/delivery address for supplies:
11725 Industrialplex Blvd Suite 3
Baton Rouge LA 70809
*Deliveries by appointment only

Checks can be mailed to
Trach Mommas of Louisiana
11850 Wentling Ave #A8
Baton Rouge, LA 70816


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