Sibling Leadership Network Connects Texas Resident in Need of Assistance After Hurricane Harvey with Assistance

A graphic of two hands holding a heart. The background is red. Black text reads "helping hand."We often feel helpless in the face of disasters and tragedies. We would like to share the story of how one resourceful and thoughtful sibling helped make a true difference. Recently, SLN shared information on supporting people with disabilities impacted by Hurricane Harvey. In response to that post, Evelyn, a Texas resident who is currently staying in a FEMA hotel room, emailed that her wheelchair had become damaged and she needed help. We contacted Lauren Yeldell, an amazing sibling leader in Texas to see if she had any suggestions. In less than 12 hours, Lauren made a direct call to the Houston’s Mayors Office for Disabilities to acquire a free wheelchair for Evelyn. We are so grateful for the fast action and leadership of Lauren! This truly shows how the sibling network and connections are an asset.

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